How to Grow Your Following on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. It has a varied audience, which makes it a versatile marketing tool to reach out to different types of clients. Growing a following from your target audience is critical on Instagram.

Many followers on Instagram allow you to either showcase your brand to the interested people or buy what you are selling. With millions of users worldwide, this social networking site requires that you stand out from the crowd for customers to notice you.

One mistake can cost you millions, and one right approach can earn you massive income. Here are some ideas that you can use to grow your following on Instagram. You should use Profile Mate Review to grow your Instagram account.

1. Use Hashtags

When posting on Instagram, you want to attract a specific audience. Hashtags permit you to narrow down your viewers and capture the interest of the target followers.

The phrase or words you use in the hashtag will automatically categorize your post and enhance engagement with your followers. Hashtags will help you retain the existing audience and attract new followers.

Tips for Creating a Hashtag:

  • Use both long and short term hashtags
  • Create a hashtag that relates to the values of your brand
  • Make it captivating and unforgettable
  • Create one that generates a conversation
  • Choose simple words that are used by everyone
  • It has to be unique; do not copy others

2. Post on Instagram Regularly

Fresh content will engage your audience and attract new followers. You can post at least once a day, but multiple posts are significantly better. Followers want to hear from you throughout the day and every week.

Consistent posting is the most effective way to accumulate new followers daily. However, you must post meaningful content that will engage your audience and receive feedback.

Tips for Posting Daily on Instagram:

  • Show your audience something regular like a post of your daily morning routine
  • Post a live streaming video
  • Take time to respond to some of the most exciting comments
  • Share real stories
  • Ask your followers what they want
  • Keep up with the current trends
  • Be an inspiration and give your followers a reason to follow you

3. Followers Love Videos

Making an Instagram video does not have to involve a whole camera crew. You can use your smartphone through Instagram live, but you must have the right content. You can tell stories relatable to your audience.

Followers like sharing videos, which can help you attract new followers. Instagram allows live stream video to appear next to the story feed, and everyone on Instagram can see your video.

Tips For Making Instagram Videos:

  • Make prior plans so that the video is compelling and engaging
  • Tell a story that flows so that your followers are engaged and eager to follow to the end
  • Make a quality video with proper lighting and setting
  • Avoid very long video
  • Use language that can be understood by all your followers

4. Maximize User-Generated Content

Maximizing user-generated content (UGC) can get new followers in a short period. Content that is already on social media is relatable. When you post something that Instagram users are familiar with, the response is positive.

Using influencer content or following the trending topics engages your audience, especially if it makes you part of their community. You have to be careful not to lose followers by posting controversial content.

Tips for Posting UGC:

  • Ask your followers’ opinion on a popular topic
  • Share a trending hashtag
  • Share influencers content
  • Support causes that you understand and believe in
  • Post impactful content

5. Practice Cross-Posting

Share your Instagram post on other social media platform, such as Facebook and Twitter, so that the audience can follow your Instagram page. Shared posts offers free exposure that can help you build followership and make your audience feel like they can connect you to various forums.

 Cross-posting is an effective way to grow your followers on Instagram organically; a more massive audience views your posts.

Tips for Cross-Posting:

  • Open accounts in various social media platforms
  • Master how each forum works
  • Make sure that the content fits across multiple platforms
  • Learn the language of the various pages
  • Acknowledge that not every Instagram post can be cross-posted

6. Sponsor Your Post

Expose your name by paying premium ads so that your posts can reach a broader audience. Since you are spending, you should strategize and have a marketing plan ahead. Do some research to attract the audience that you are looking for.

Using hashtags, words, or phrases can boost your sponsored post to get to the people you want and give you more followers.

Tips for Using Sponsored Ads on Instagram:

  • Make a captivating ad
  • Make sure the action button is visible
  • Choose the target audience keenly
  • Have a budget
  • Make high quality engaging content
  • Post fresh content frequently

7. Make Sure That You Appear on the Related Pages’ List

Instagram users get prompts about similar accounts that they can follow. You have to appear in the respective lists of your target audience. You can track accounts that have the same interests so their followers can see you. This is a simple idea that helps you get new followers every day.

Tips To Help You get to Related Pages List:

  • Research your competition and follow some of them
  • Look out partners that you work with on Instagram
  • Follow influencers
  • Understand your target market so that every move you make brings you closer to them

8. Offer Give-Aways

Giveaway promotions attract many people on Instagram. The audience will participate in the game, or criteria for winning the prize, and share their feedback.

You can run it for a few days, or make it regular so that your followers can look forward to it. The more comments you get as you engage the audience, the higher the chances of getting new followers.

How to Run a Giveaway on Instagram:

  • Pick the right gift for the giveaway because it has to resonate with your audience
  • Create a simple entry procedure that your followers can register for the contest
  • Have a clear objective and goal for the competition, such a cause that is relatable to your audience
  • Create a hashtag for the giveaway
  • Engage partners who can provide the gifts
  • Launch your contest on Instagram and market it in all your social media forums

Gaining more followers on Instagram is essential if you want to achieve your goals on this forum. Luckily, there are numerous ideas that you can use to accomplish this.

You must be consistent, willing to learn every day and also creative. As you pursue more followers, always ensure that you are trending for the right reasons. Controversy erodes your brand.